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A golden staff!

He was confused because he had seen the staff before. He had even used it before; it was not good. It was low-impact and inconvenient.

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However, the staff which the old monk had dropped before did not glow like that.

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Yet, this staff had a golden glow around it. It looked eye-catching and aggressive as it hung on the player’s back. It was obviously different from all the other weapons!

The next two images contained the weapon’s name and description.


“Buddha says, ‘the five aggregates that make up each human being amounts to nothing; this realization delivers from sorrow and suffering’.”

Qiao Liang was astonished but elated. There really is a hidden plot here?!

He quickly asked, “How did you get this?”

The player replied, “I’m not sure either! I ran here to activate a nearby Buddha statue and then thought about coming in to take a look. I did not have any props or weapons on me, and so I could not defeat the old monk. Each time I met him, I was killed.

“I died a couple of times and realized that the monk had become an NPC! I went over and talked to him. He said a whole bunch of things and then gave me this weapon.

“Holy sh*t, this weapon is awesome!”

Qiao Liang could not express his excitement in words.

However, he was even more confused than before. “Why? That doesn’t happen to me. I died a couple of times, too, but I did not activate this plot development. Is it because I’m on my second round? Is that why I can’t unlock this hidden plot?”

The player replied, “Maybe.”

Qiao Liang immediately became agitated.

This was huge news!

There is such a mysterious weapon hidden in the game?! I’ll open a new folder and try dying in the first round! Qiao Liang recalled the entire journey leading up to finding this weapon and could not help but feel emotional. The weapon was too well-hidden. It was as if the designer had hidden it on purpose, so that gamers would not be able to find it!