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As a result of instinctively twisting my body, I was able to dodge a sharp thrust by a hair’s breadth.

I immediately jumped back and put a great distance between us.

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(W-What happened…?)

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Looking at Zerey’s body, there was no sword wound.

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(Instant Flash… was evaded?)

No, that’s impossible.

At that distance, that timing, he couldn’t have dodged that.

And, in fact, I clearly saw Zerey cleaved through the chest.

「Kukuku, what’s up? You’ve got a dumbfounded look on your face, you know?」

Zerey tried to provoke me, the corners of his lips curled.

(Fuu, calm down. In such cases, I should think about it calmly.)

I exhaled loudly and assessed the strange phenomenon that happened just a moment ago.

(Instant Flash landed directly on “that Zerey”, that is undoubtedly true.)

“That Zerey” was certainly cut down.

And immediately after that, “another Zerey” appeared.