What business is doing money now?

What business is doing money now?

Clown’s abdomen was deeply caved in, and the broken ribs pierced into his internal organs causing internal bleeding.

He was on the brink of death. It was a mortal injury that needed immediate emergency treatment.

He staggered feebly to his work desk, and took a pale blue pill out of a hidden hole in the back of the drawer.

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「I can’t let them see this, obviously.」Clown whispered, and immediately swallowed the pill.「Fuu, it feels like coming back to life.」

The bruise on his abdomen faded with every passing moment, and within seconds, it was completely healed

After confirming the recovery effect of the pill, he immediately looked to his soul dress〈Lonely Crown〉thrust into the floor.

A plain black and white sword, in a complete stable form.

「All right. Outward side effects seems to be completely gone!」

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Satisfied with his research, Clown nodded with a smile on his face.

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「Well then… let’s go meet Allen-san.」

Having recovered from his mortal injury, he went to the reception desk where Allen and others were waiting.

We headed to the reception desk, and quietly waited for Clown-san.