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Ibuki was the first one to say something.

Hearing my name spoken, Karuizawa also noticed my presence.

She didn't say anything right away, but I was able to tell from her eyes that she's shocked at my presence here.

"Sorry I'm late".

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I said that to her.

"Why......why did you come.....?".

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Karuizawa looked at me while forcing that feeble voice out.

"There's no need to ask, is there? I made a promise. That I'll save you should anything happen to you".

"R-Ryuuen-san, does this mean Ayanokouji is X!?".

"That's not possible. He's definitely not the one".

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Ishizaki panicked, but Ibuki denied it before Ryuuen could.

"Ryuuen, surely X is just manipulating Ayanokouji. Don't be deceived. They definitely told Karuizawa in advance that they'd send someone else to save her---".

"Shut up, Ibuki".

Laughing, Ryuuen distanced himself from Karuizawa and drew a bit closer to me.