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As a result of that, not only me and Sid-san, but also Ria and Rose were suspended for a month.

(She is a very reliable sensei, but…)

Unfortunately, the art of discussion is beyond her.

This was the common understanding between me, Ria and Rose.

「Immediate answer, huh… Ha, hahaha… I can feel the confidence in you…」

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Sensei smiled a little sadly.

「…We don’t have much time, so let’s move on.」

With a discouraged look, she cleared her throat.

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「It’s regarding the political marriage of Sie Arcstria, which you splendidly stopped yesterday. The execution of this top secret plan – Tenshi-sama『opposed』to it until the very end.」


We were taken aback for a moment by the unexpected statement.

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「This is a confidential matter, but… This country is now in a very unstable situation. The『Royal Faction』led by Rodis-san and Tenshi-sama and the『Noble Faction』led by the great nobles – these two factions are engaged in fierce political strife.」

Sensei said, and went on explaining.