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“I won’t be so sure of that. I don’t think I’ll be compatible with senpai.”

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One who followed school rules and regulations, and one that wanted to destroy them

Since their ideologies were utterly different, a confrontation between them is inevitable.

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“Also, it won’t matter if you can’t see it yourself. Don’t you have a sister in the 1st year?”

With that said, Nagumo’s line of sight seemed to focus on next to where I was, a bit further from the rest of the people-and started staring straight at Horikita.

Although it was only a slight change, Horikita’s body language became a bit more nervous.

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“As long as your sister is here, she can help me spread the word to you.”

Once both graduations, the siblings will inevitably meet once again sooner or later.

What he meant was that in the future, Horikita’s brother would still know what Nagumo would have done at the school.”


With that said, Horikita’s brother and Nagumo’s strong handshake finally ended, and their hands separated.

“Thank you very much.”


The former student council president, Horikita, and the current student council president, Nagumo.

A heavy curtain fell on the unexpectedly gentle atmosphere.

Perhaps because he didn’t want to bother the other students, Nagumo immediately distanced himself with Horikita’s brother. Although the combo of the two student council presidents was exciting, it might make it a bit difficult for the other students to approach.