What is the job online?

What is the job online?

In the end, the black apprentice’s girlfriend repeated the famous words of a superhero senior: With great power comes great responsibility. She hoped that Phil could become a superhero and really contribute to changing the world.

Phil was silent for a long time, but he did not give an immediate answer. Instead, he said that he would consider it and then announced his decision on Twitter.

Two days later, Phil posted an inspiring tweet.

He said that his current life was relaxed and comfortable, and he had a career that he was willing to fight for. Becoming a superhero meant that he had to give up his media company and his current free life. This was a huge sacrifice for him.

However, his words took an immediate turn.

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The successors of Captain World had become pedantic. The superhero system that the people were proud of was gradually going downhill.

Superheroes who had been famous for a long time were obsessed with fame and fortune. They were increasingly less concerned about the lives of ordinary people. They held high positions but did not do anything. They had completely broken away from the people at the lower ranks of society.

The Superhero Association had obtained a huge amount of commercial value from the superheroes. They were increasingly passionate about creating stars, packaging, and eliminating negative news. They often lied to the people when their stupid arrangements caused many ordinary people to be hurt from crimes;

There were also ordinary people like this black guy who were filled with passion to become superheroes. They had passion but did not have enough strength to change the situation.

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Phil said on Twitter that even though becoming a superhero would be a huge sacrifice for himself, he had enough of the superheroes’ inaction and the suffering that the problems that crime brought to this city. He decided to stand up and become a superhero to change the situation.

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He hoped that all the citizens would support him and recreate the spirit of Captain World with him. He wanted to reduce the crime rate and save the tragedies that might happen in the future so that superheroes could return to the right track.

This tweet immediately received a warm response, and he skipped the first stage to directly obtain the power of a superhero.

Phil’s actions had alerted the Superhero Association. Phil was an uncertain factor to the association. They were worried that Phil would cause greater damage to the existing system after entering the association. Therefore, they did not invite Phil but used the ‘association rules’ to reject him.

Phil was more than happy for that to have happened.

Joining the Superhero Association was ordinary superheroes’ only choice. Not joining meant that they had no reputation, no exposure, and would not be able to accept missions. At the same time, it would be difficult to contact their sponsors to provide them with the next stage of the campaign funds.