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In society, people who are hindrances are fired in order to protect the group as a whole.

Following this chain of logic, there are also backroom deals and vilification much like what had been done these past few days.

There are certainly factors of this special exam meant to help us mature into adulthood. However, it is by no means kind to force a group of students, still immature of both mind and body, to make this kind of judgment. The exam may end up negatively influencing the future of the students.

“I’m not going to provide my perspective on this discussion of yours. I believe everybody’s participation has been valuable. I hope you all think carefully before you cast your votes tomorrow.”

With that, Chabashira left the classroom, having finished listening to the entire discussion.

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Me? Yamauchi? Horikita? Possibly Hirata? Or perhaps even somebody else?

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It was unclear who exactly people would be voting for in tomorrow’s vote. In other words, the person being expelled tomorrow was still completely up in the air, and nobody would be able to find fault with it.

That’s just the kind of special exam this is.

(Part 3 End)

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Haruka and the rest of the Ayanokōji Group approached me immediately after Chabashira left the classroom.

Horikita and Yamauchi left the classroom right away.

“Are you free right now?”

“Hm? Yeah.”

I actually wanted to talk to Hirata a little bit but…

Without showing any particular sort of emotion on his face, Hirata quietly left the classroom alone.

Since my situation had been made public, ignoring the Ayanokōji Group didn’t seem like a very good idea.

“Let’s go to the cafe!”

We collectively agreed with Haruka’s suggestion and left the classroom behind.