World Cup online make money

World Cup online make money

Even if there was a bickering mode, no one would think that it could justify the premium of a few hundred yuan, right?

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Pei Qian continued watching patiently.

Soon, Ma Yang was on the AEEIS Smart Bickering Machine. He first demonstrated the various basic functions and the extremely popular bickering model online according to the planned process.

This information had already been spread online not long after the Intelligent Bickering Machine was released. Many people had uploaded videos.

However, there were still some people in the live-stream who did not know about it. Boss Ma bickered with the bickering machine until his face turned red. The effect of the show was maxed out, causing the bullet screen comments to be filled with laughter.

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Ma Yang was beside himself with anger. However, he managed to control himself under Chen Yufeng’s repeated hints. He exited the bickering mode and entered the next segment.

“Next is its automatic poem recitation function. First, any poem that is recited can be matched with the next sentence and can be found and explained.”

“AEEIS, Leave home laughing with head held high.”

The status light on the Smart Bickering Machine flashed. “We are amongst the ordinary!”

Ma Yang asked again, “What is it’s source and explanation?”

AEEIS: “From Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai’s’ Nanling And Childhood To Enter The Imperial Palace’. At that time, Li Bai received Tang Xuanzong’s letter summoning him to the capital...”

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It gave a simple and precise explanation. Not a single word was unnecessary.