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Why did the heroes chosen on the screen look so familiar?

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This team that had been called “Underworld BP” seemed to have chosen the Unopened Team lineup upon a closer look, !

The opponents might be different and the heroes chosen by the opponents were different but this team actually chose the “Underworld BP” that was scolded badly once again.

Chen Yufeng immediately perked up and quickly opened the bullet screen.

Indeed, the bullet screen comments exploded!

“Gosh, another Underworld BP?”

“Don’t mess around. Didn’t you see the latest BP verification competition? It’s been cleared! Strong teams have the advantage in this lineup!”

“Could it be that this coach also watched the BP verification competition? He wanted to prove that he had no problems, so he took another round?”

“It’s possible. The coach must have doubted himself after being criticized so badly previously. However, he can take it out to play again now that this lineup has been proven!”

“It would be awkward if they were to get beaten up again... Wouldn’t that prove that there is no problem with the coach and the problem is with the team...”

“I feel like this coach is here to train the players’ mentality.”

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Originally, not many people would have paid attention to the battle between the two weak teams. However, once this BP appeared, the bullet screen comments exploded!

Many viewers were discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this lineup due to the popularity of the BP verification competition over the past few days. It’s period of strength, the early tactical arrangements, and other details. Most of the audience already knew all the details like the back of their hands because it was so well discussed.

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The audience felt that they understood this lineup very well now that they had chosen this lineup again. They felt that this competition had coincidentally bumped into their own professional field. Naturally, the discussion became very passionate!

Once the competition started, the bullet screen comments started commenting on both sides’ playstyles.

“No invasion? Do you know how to play?”

“Obviously, the other party is on guard as well. All five of them are here. They might be sent away if they forced their way in.”