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“Wha? Even if you got the same Table what’s the point in doin’ that? That chick is workin’ together with Hōsen to get you kicked outta here right? This sh*t ain’t safe man.”

It seemed like, in his own unique way, Sudō was genuinely worried about me.

“You might be right.”

However, I wasn’t naive enough to think she was accompanying me for no reason.

“You’ve got no sense of danger do you… Well, I get you’re all calm like this cuz you know you’ll get through it, but… If you run into trouble make sure you let me know aight?”

I nodded in response to Sudō’s sentiment, and while he wasn’t entirely satisfied, he seemed willing enough to back down.

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“If she was givin’ you a hard time, I was gonna have her buzz off, but if yer sayin’ it’s fine, then I guess I’ll leave it be.”

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Just as he said that, the last group finished registering and preparations for the beginning of the quiz went underway.

“We can talk more afterward. A Task is a Task, just like you said, so let’s do our best.”

At that, Sudō went back over to Ike and Hondō. Each of the 12 participating groups then took out their registered tablet and readied themselves for the upcoming questions. And when the time finally came, the quiz genre was displayed on our screens.

『Quiz Genre?Anime』

Huh? Anime?

Before my mind had a chance to fully comprehend the words that showed up on my tablet, the first question began.

『Question 1: Which of the following is the correct title of the Thirteenth episode of TV Anime Mobile Samurai Bombdam?』

1)『Farewell Bombdam』 2)『Burn! Bombdam』 3)『Shouting Bombdam』 4)『A Bombdam’s Tears』

“…What the hell is this?”

I spoke involuntarily, the words practically escaping from my mouth.

It obviously had something to do with anime given the genre and question, but beyond that, I hadn’t the slightest clue as to what the correct answer was.