Where can I make the article on the Internet

Where can I make the article on the Internet

Chiaki was confused at Aguri-san’s sudden change in naming. Aguri-san continued like it’s nothing.

“After all, the name ‘Hoshinomori-san’ sounds pretty long, right? Including the Hobby Club, we obviously have a lot of chance to talk, so it’s quite weird to keep calling you that. A nickname should be allowed, right.”

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“A nickname…nickname…My friend just got me a nickname…Ho, ho, haha, …hahahaha…”

Chiaki laughed disgustingly. This feels creepy…Although I wanted to tell her, the regretful part is, I also understand how precious it is to have a nickname from your friends.


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Even so, I guess Aguri-san is just trying to shorten the name, so she continued with the intention of smoothing things over.

“Uh, I can change it back if you don’t like it…”

“No, please just use the nickname! Yes, please call me with the nickname!”

“Really, if that’s so, …I’ll keep it like that. Right, then I…”

“Ah, well, please let me call you Big Sis!”

“Big Sis?”

Aguri-san and I were surprised at this, but Chiaki answered like there’s nothing wrong.

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“The name ‘Shin-chan’ doesn’t carry any negative meaning. To a person that’s willing to give me such an adorable nickname, how can I not treat her as a superior!”

“Eh, we’re equals! I hate it when a girl at my age call me Big Sis! It’s like when Amanocchi treated me as some kind of god, why are you two thinking so highly of me right away!”

“I-It’s because…”