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What is the most profitable online today?

If you eat this raw, you’ll definitely get sick.

「Everything seems to stop.」

I’ve been sparring with Tre’ainar.

Agility acquired.

Furthermore, the magic technique that dramatically raises physical ability......

「Of course. Small fry are no match, dispatch the rabble, and parade yourself!」

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I dive into the bosom of the giant orc and slam my fist into its liver.

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The orc reacts in agony as it goes down.

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The next is a skeleton warrior, and then a great serpent. In addition, Gremlins.

Even though it was a dream, it was my first time fighting monsters, but I’ve already sparred with the Great Demon King many times, and I’m not afraid of anything.

「Well, all that has been generated is equal to lower-rank human level warriors. As your skills were intermediate level even before my guidance, you ought not to find them a challenge.」

Certainly there is no struggle.

After all, just as Tre’ainar said, if I only spar with superior partners, I’d be unable to realize the image of defeating my opponent.

In this way, by fighting an opponent without struggle, you have more flexibility during the battle, more options at every moment, and the leeway to experiment and attempt fighting styles you haven’t tried before.

「Huh. Pay attention to your footwork, from no guard... tilt the upper body with [Great Demon Swayback]...... then with [Great Demon Parrying] strike and throw off the opponent’s fist...... I believe this improves your defense.」

As usual, the naming is shit, but I don’t care anymore.

Right now, I’m probably improving enough to absorb a lot of things.

「Well, next, I bait the opponent’s attack and at the last minute.... here!」

Jump into the opponent’s linear attack and drive your fist to cross it.