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“How impolite, Tendou-san. That side of mine is still in my heart.”

“A-Amano-kun…R-Right, I’m really sorry-“

“-That side of mine will be forever treasured like all the beautiful memories I had in my heart.”

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“He’s a complete goner, right!”

So, the second round began when Tendou-san is complaining. All that conversation pissed Tendou-san off once again. Her movements are still just as easy to predict, Hongo’s HP bar is slowly decreasing from my ranged and anti-air attacks.

Tendou-san is getting increasingly frustrated. Even so, I still didn’t slack off.

So, once I snapped out of it, I can’t believe it…

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Tendou-san’s and my shocked voice overlapped each other. It’s because the result is…

“2P WIN!”

…Of course, I won. Also…


-I can’t believe I didn’t get hit for even once, a total win is achieved.


An overwhelming silence soon descended onto the room.

When I looked, Tendou-san lowered her head, and her shoulders are shivering.

As for me, …I gently put my hand on her shoulder and spoke up.

“Tendou-san, …what do you think? This birthday surprise where I beat you, …does it…make you…happy?”