Is it true that the mobile phone makes a mobile phone?

Is it true that the mobile phone makes a mobile phone?

“However, this way, the game’s release would not match the schedule of the news conference. The original schedule for the game to be released and the news conference would be released on this Sunday. Now, the game will be released several days later than the news conference.”

“There are two ways now: either postpone the news conference with the game and wait for the game to be done before releasing it, or mention it at the news conference, saying that the game would be released in the near future and give an awkward speech.”

After a moment of silence, Pei Qian asked, “Is there no third way? For example... not mentioning the game at the news conference?”

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Chang You was stunned. “Huh?”

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He had not expected this at all.

The Fitness Battle was a game that was tailored to fit the smart fitness drying rack. It could also be said to be the greatest advantage compared to other fitness equipment. In fact, about a third of Chang You’s original PowerPoint was introducing this game.

With this game, many people would have a reason to buy the smart fitness drying rack. If they did not mention this game, everyone might think that the smart fitness drying rack was a comedian product.

Chang You confirmed again. “Boss Pei, are you sure you don’t want to talk about the game?”

Pei Qian said seriously, “Of course!”

“We definitely can’t postpone the news conference. All the early stages of work have been prepared. The invitations to various tech media have also been sent out. It’s definitely not appropriate to change our minds at the last minute. It would look like we’re not keeping our promises.”

“However, since the game has not been completed and there is still a possibility of modification, it’s best not to be too confident. If the final product does not match everyone’s expectations, wouldn’t it disappoint customers!”

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“Tengda’s way of doing things has always been to be honest. We don’t fight battles that we’re not sure of.”

“Therefore, don’t mention this at the news conference. There will be a chance for customers to know about it in the future!”