Is it fast online?

Is it fast online?

Class B also tried to undauntedly give them the slip but since their speeds were almost equal to one another, it didn't go well.

Shrill cheers also rose up as the intense struggle over 3rd place occurred. By being too focused on obstructing their path, Horikita and Kushida gave an opening for a moment which allowed Class B to turn the situation around.

"Uwoooooo, that's disappointing!".

They ran the best they could but they came in at last place. The victory we had expected has now grown distant.

A 10 minute break took place, and people either headed for the toilet or rehydrated themselves. Saying she'd be heading over to the infirmary to apply a compress, Horikita headed into the school building.

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Even if it's just pouring water on a hot stone, it's still better than doing nothing I suppose. I didn't go anywhere, and instead remained in our camp while observing the other classes. As far as groups go, it's possible to pick up various sorts of information on them just by observing from a distance. And it was Class A, as I suspected, that proved it.

The twisted relationship between Katsuragi and Sakayanagi was highlighted. Anyone can see with their naked eye that they're clearly divided between two factions. Perhaps neither side has any intention of getting along with the other, since there's barely any contact between them. It is by no means strange for a class to have two appointed leaders. Even in our class, while having Hirata as the primary one, there's still Karuizawa and Kushida and in this case, even Sudou is leading the class. Of course we are changing it up each time but even so, our class is still united as one. We're not fractured to the point that we'd have internal disputes.

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However, I could tell that there's blatant antagonism between Class A. It's something we didn't see in the previous exams, it's something that we cannot tell just from the fluctuations in points alone.

"It's impressive they were able to keep up their internal strife up until now".

After all, the Sakayanagi faction has the greater numbers.

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Not too long after, as Hirata came over to me after having returned from the restroom, I decided to call out to him.

"Hey, what kind of student is Sakayanagi?".

"I see you're also curious about her, Ayanokouji-kun".

"One would get curious if they heard that she's a leader surpassing even Katsuragi".