Xinyuan County online part-time earning regular platform

Xinyuan County online part-time earning regular platform

「Allen’s is a sakura-colored watch, huh. I think it looks cool!」

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「Especially the sakura tinge of the strap is exquisite.」

Ria and Rose praised me without holding back.

「Ara, that’s really good. It looks good on you!」

「Certainly… It’s not too flashy. Just the way Allen-kun likes it!」

「Feels casually stylish though!」

The president and senpais also praised it.

「Ahaha, thank you.」

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The price was a modest 2000 gold, but the compliments from everyone were quite good.

(As I expected, this wristwatch was a good buy after all.)

After that, everyone’s eyes were directed to the last person, Ria.

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「Ria’s sakura product is a ring, huh… It’s beautiful.」

Rose let out a breath of admiration.

「It’s a lovely ring. The light sakura color is very beautiful!」