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“Yeah, yeah! I didn’t you have that concept!”

Uehara-kun and I were furious, but Aguri-san waved her index finger and answered us. “No, no, no.”

“Let me tell you this, …I’m not that down-and-out. I can’t ask my friends to pay for me, right.”

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“Even though you forced me to pay 90%!o(MISSING)f the drink bar bills!”

“Even though I paid for you every time we go to the claw machines and photo booths!”

“Sigh, …I’m such a sinful woman…”

“Of god damn course!”

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Although Uehara-kun and I urged to follow the split-the-bill system, Aguri-san just outright ignored us. She continued to the girls.

“Anyway, just like that, I also have relationships and activities other than the Game Hobby Club. So, I want to ask whatever you guys can share about this.”

“I see.”

“Split the bill!”

The girls are nodding, and the boys are continuing their protests. So, for some reason, the girls, …Tendou-san and Chiaki are giving me a “it’s annoying to keep asking to split the bill” stare. W-Well, you two didn’t suffer from it. That’s why your attitude’s like this…! However…!