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“Icarus flew away from the tower he occupied to gain freedom. But that didn’t happen because of his own power as a person. It happened because his father Daedalus designed and constructed the wings and made them fly. He didn’t fly because of his own intention or purpose. Don’t you think this is the spitting image of you right now?”

“I don’t understand.”

“That man…….no, your father said this. Kiyotaka will choose the way and the road that, in the end, will make him drop out on his own. It means that your ending will be like Icarus’. The same Icarus who burned his wings flying too close to the sun. The same Icarus who fell into the ocean and died.”

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So that’s what Icarus’ wings is about.

“So what are you going to do now?”

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“You should know, Ms. Icarus will continue not to follow Daedalus’ advice.”

Despite the burned wings, Icarus will continue to fly as much as he can. Seeking freedom.

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When I got inside the ship, I headed immediately back to my room. A tired Hirata was laying, sleeping in the room. I changed my clothes quietly to the corridor so as not to wake him up.

When I turned on the mobile phone, the electronic tone repeatedly ringed and the incoming call history was filled up. For the time being I would just answer the emails and then I waited in the lounge while taking a break.

She won’t be satisfied unless I explained everything to her sooner or later.

Then, a few minutes later, an angry Horikita joined me, releasing a silent pressure upon me.

“What is the meaning of the test result? What on earth is going on?”