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Online lottery make money, bank card is frozen

As for what exactly they should consider, Pei Qian was not sure either. Regardless, his primary concern was how to earn less money or how to avoid earning any money at all. He just could not find a suitable excuse.

When Boss Pei was at a loss as to what to do, he would make use of his employees’ knack for letting their imaginations run wild.

Song Kai remained silent for a moment and then nodded. “That’s right, Boss Pei. Why not?

“Property developers are well-known for being rich!

“As for furniture businesses... there are different companies with varying levels of popularity, but they have huge profit margins. There’s a lot of room for them to reduce their prices. If I can get our customers discounts and also get the company a share of the profits, why wouldn’t I?”

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Pei Qian’s expression darkened.

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Do you think I don’t know that property developers are well-known for being rich?

Do you think I don’t know that furniture shops have high-profit margins?

If you continue to emphasize these points, I would forbid your plan all the more!

Song Kai’s expression filled with confusion as Liang Qingfan fell into deep thought as well.

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Now, the atmosphere was awkward.

Pei Qian could not allow the silence to continue, and so he thought about inviting everyone to leave this problem aside, continue eating, and consider it slowly.

After all, the longer they took to consider the problem, the later the company would earn additional income.

However, at that moment, Lu Mingliang—who had been quietly listening to the conversation by the side—spoke up.

“You’re both new to Tengda Corporation, and so the way that you do things doesn’t necessarily conform to the Tengda Spirit. It’s no wonder that you can’t understand what the intentions behind Boss Pei’s instructions are.”

Song Kai and Liang Qingfan stared at him and then leaned in humbly to be taught. “Boss Lu, can you please give us a few tips?”

Pei Qian turned to Lu Mingliang as well, his mind filling with question marks.

I invited you for a meal here to make sure that I had enough numbers. Don’t try to blindly interpret my words!