What are the formal platforms that make money online?

What are the formal platforms that make money online?

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He did not know much about games with paywalls, but Boss Pei looked like he had everything under control. Obviously, he had to trust Boss Pei unconditionally.

In any case, no matter how complicated the system Boss Pei designed, it would definitely succeed. He just had to shout ‘awesome’ at the side!

After deciding on the game’s payment mode, Pei Qian looked at Meng Chang, who was still working out. “How’s the publicity plan? Any progress?”

Meng Chang got down from the smart fitness drying rack with beads of sweat on his forehead. “There’s some progress!”

He did not dare to say that he had no idea. What if Boss Pei asked him to continue training after he said it?

He felt that Boss Pei could do something like ‘torture and force a confession’.

“Alright, that’s it for today. Let’s wrap up!” Pei Qian was satisfied and left with Meng Chang.

Meng Chang sat down at his desk and took a sip of water after returning to the office. After resting for a while, he began to consider the publicity plan for the Intelligent Fitness drying rack.

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This month, Tengda only had two relatively new products. One was the G1 cell phone, and the other was the smart fitness drying rack. The former’s publicity plan had been canceled.

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In other words, even if Meng Chang did nothing this month, he would still get a basic salary. In the worst case scenario, he would also get a basic salary if he created the publicity plan for the smart fitness drying rack.

In that case, Meng Chang did not feel any pressure because there was nothing to lose even if he failed.

“However, this product is really something come to think of it. It looks like I have a chance this time!”

After witnessing and personally experiencing the smart fitness drying rack, Meng Chang suddenly felt that there was hope for this publicity plan.

That was because this product was not a proper product.

As an entrepreneur, Meng Chang was obviously well aware of the product manager’s work flow. For such a product, he had to first determine the target crowd and determine its unique advantages compared to the competition. Then, he could formulate the corresponding publicity plan based on the characteristics of the product.

Of course, to Meng Chang, he should avoid the merits of the products as much as possible in order to achieve the worst effect of the publicity plan. Instead, he had to hint more about the shortcomings of the products.