What are the work of part-time earnings online?

What are the work of part-time earnings online?

“The key is that previously, the publicity for Greyhound was trying to bring down Mission and Choice crazily. They said that ‘Mission and Choice’ was afraid that was why they would change the release date. That’s hilarious!”

“That’s right. How can the performance of ‘Greyhound’ make Boss Pei admit defeat? Are you kidding me? Boss Pei crashed head on with ”Fantasy Battle Remake” half a month in advance. What has that got to do with you?”

Pei Qian was speechless as he read the audience’s comments about the movie.

Who would have thought that the Greyhound that Boss Pei had placed high hopes on would fail like Flying Star Journey!

Until now, several film review websites had been reviewing “Greyhound” at around six to seven points. Many military fans might have given the movie a good score but it could not save its reputation that was on the verge of collapse in the popularity of passers-by.

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Gou Yan application’s estimated domestic box office was less than 300 million yuan. This movie might have yet to be released in the Northern American Region but based on the current situation, even the domestic box office was going to fail. The Northern American Region would definitely not be much better.

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The investment in this movie would most likely go down the drain.

What was worse was that this movie seemed to be benefitting Mission and Choice, just like Flying Star Journey previously!

Originally, Greyhound had spent a lot of resources to publicize it domestically. What’s more, it had secretly bound the two movies to it in order to bring down Mission and Choice. However, Greyhound’s performance was so bad that audiences could only choose to watch Mission and Choice since there were no strong competitors in the May 1st slot !

‘Mission and Choice’ might have been screening for half a month but it was still the May 1st holiday. Many people who did not have time to watch movies would enter the cinema. The audience for the movie had become much bigger. Many passers-by who had not paid attention before were attracted to it.

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In other words, Mission and Choice would definitely be like Tomorrow is Beautiful during the May 1st slot. It would be able to push Gou Yan application’s estimated box office to a higher level!

Pei Qian felt hopeless.