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“The other members aren’t no-lifers like these two, but they could still perform at similar level in their own expertise. In other words…”

“... I understand. You mean they have all gotten achievements for the club.”

Tendo-san smiled to answer Misumi-kun muttering, effectively saying: “Bingo.”

“A competition in real life is a given, it’s the same for online competition too. Also, because the previous principal held the concept of ‘rewarding those with merits’, the previous Gamers Club was established successfully. Founding it this time was done mostly by imitating the previous generation.”

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“I see…”

I mumbled. When I heard the name Gamers Club, I was wondering why such a club that focus on entertainment was approved, but this was really ‘club activities’... But that means…

The three of us observed Kase-Senpai’s massacre for a while more. After the second round was done, Tendo-san led the conversation with a “Well then,”

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“There’s no point in watching right? Please try it out too.”


The sudden suggestion stunned Misumi-kun and me. Surprisingly, even Kase-Senpai also expressed his interest: “That’s true.”

Tendo-san took two portable game consoles from somewhere and proffered them to Misumi-kun and me.

“We have the portable version of that game series, just one game cartridge would allow multiple players to play against each other.”

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“I-I see…”

I turned on the portable game console and adjusted the settings nervously. However, Misumi-kun beside me wasn’t familiar with it and took some time to do so. I told him ‘Lend me that for a moment’ and helped him finish the settings.

“Thank you, Amano-kun. You are knowledgeable with games, that’s amazing.”

“Ah, not really…: