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Last year online to make money projects

Lin Jiaqiang was confused. “Boss Meng, Boss Lin, I...”

Meng Chang smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Your acting today was especially good. You’ve completed the mission perfectly! I’ll arrange for someone to bring you around to play in Jingzhou for the next few days. I hope you can have fun!”

Lin Jiaqiang opened his mouth. He wanted to say something but he did not speak in the end.

Since the client was satisfied and he had already received his remuneration, it would definitely not be appropriate for him to insist on filming again as an actor!

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Of course, Lin Jiaqiang was not dissatisfied. He just felt that this money was too easy to earn and felt a little uneasy...

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At four in the afternoon, in the Advertising Department.

Meng Chang yawned as he ate his snacks.

“Brother Meng, the rough cut version is out. Please take a look.” Yu Yao sent a video file.

After filming was done, Meng Chang immediately arranged for the preliminary editing and voice-over in the post-production. The post-production team was also very efficient. They were done in less than an hour.

Of course, this was a rough cut. The official version would take some time.

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Meng Chang opened the video file and quickly watched it.

It showed what he wanted to do very well. The only flaw was that Lin Jiaqiang’s acting skills were too good, making the promotional video look a little outstanding.

However, it did not affect the essence of the publicity video.

Meng Chang nodded. “Yes, good. That’s the effect. We just have to deal with the details.”

Yu Yao nodded and went back to work.