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“Sure, take your time.”

After I answered him casually, Keita came off from the office chair and sat next to me. Our faces are really close, and I almost freaked out. However, since that happened, I managed to keep my cool and clicked on the phone.

So, when I finally opened SALT0510’s page, Keita mumbled.

“Kiriya-san, I’m really sorry.”

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“…It’s fine.”

“…Uh, please forget what I just said.”


We said all of that without even looking at each other. …I think Keita’s still not convinced with anything. No, it’s not just that. I think he’s carrying this vague sense of suspicion.

Even so, …he seemingly let this go for now, and I accepted it at face value.

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I guess…we’re trying to avoid the fact by lying? …I think so.

However, if the answer was found out, this cheerful time will have to end.

There’s an “answer” to my gender. Also, that’s a cruel answer for us. It’s an answer that will stop us from enjoying games like this.

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However, this ambiguity can be maintained if Keita doesn’t find out.

…It’s literally Schrodinger’s Cat.

From his perspective, the current Ayumu Kiriya is a superposition of the male Ayumu Kiriya and the female one. It’s in a twisted state. However, this way, …we can continue to play together.

This cheerful gaming time can go on.

(…Even though both of our wishes are so innocent and pure…)

We just want to play together as friends. This is the reason behind all of this. But why did this drag us into a cheating-like conflict…? I don’t get it.