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“But... that...... I’m at the mercy of a martial art, of which I don’t even know when, where, or how you learned it.... Just mock battles? And reading? Don’t be silly! I’m listening to you seriously!”

That’s why Rebal shouted at my words, ‘that can’t be all, right?’, that I wasn’t taught by my parents, that I didn’t learn anything from them, that I had learned everything in secret, that I had learned everything from him, and that I did it all with basic training, mock battles and reading.

But to be honest ... really, that’s all. I even read through the Destiny series.

No, I kept on doing it.

“It’s true, Rebal. I’m like you.... so I possess good conviction.... I didn’t put in more effort or earned more achievements than you. It’s just, really...... That’s all I did.”

“Still over this short period...”

“Yet that’s all I did, but... I feel like I’ve changed my view on things a little bit. Maybe in a big way.”

If Rebal said, ‘There must be something else’, if he insistently brings it up, I felt I should reveal it all.

“Ever since I entered the Academy, I was irritated by a wall that I couldn’t overcome. As my father and mother’s child, I wasn’t enough.... That was the opinion of those around me, they knew of my power and were convinced, because I couldn’t break through that wall.”

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That’s when the public expectations of me were gradually getting heavier.

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“I don’t have the collective strength of the princess, or magical talent like Fu. I don’t have special sword skills that have been learned through bloody efforts like you. I was just wielding a magic sword that imitated my father.”

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And, at the same time, unlike the princesses, there was nothing lesser I could project on, so I gained an inferiority complex.

I tried desperately to be like my father, but I didn’t grow up or awaken like I and everyone wanted.

“You know that, too. I’m the only one who was different.... I’m the only one who wasn’t good enough.... I’m the only one who’s a failure... He’s such a half-hearted person.”